Lumps N’ Bumps

Did you know that many people develop small lumps and bumps on their face or body? And for many of those people, it really bothers them from a cosmetic perspective. There are a whole variety of lesions that are completely harmless and never need to be removed — however, Dr. Takhar is a highly trained doctor who is able to remove them quickly and in-office!

It is important though, that if you do develop a new lesion that your doctor reviews it to ensure that it is in-fact harmless. Do not get these types of moles, lesions etc removed by anyone except for a doctor.

Lumps and Bumps removals are Painless, Virtually Scarless, and Require NO Downtime! NO REFERRAL NEEDED. 0% in-house financing is also available!


Skin tags are skin outgrowths that can occur anywhere on the body. These tags are often found on the neck, eyelids, armpits and groin areas. They are not dangerous and do not have the potential to turn into skin cancer.

Skin tags can be a major annoyance and patients often don’t realize how quickly and how inexpensive skin tag removal can be! Come see Dr. Takhar and have it removed!


Dermatofibromas are small and harmless lumps that are firm to the touch. They can occur on both men and women of all ages. The most common place we find and remove them are on the arms and legs of young women.

Colour may be pink to light brown in white skin, and dark brown to black in dark skin; some appear paler in the centre.


Moles are collections of pigment producing cells (known as melanocytes) that reside towards the top layer of the skin. Moles generally can be flesh-coloured, brown, blue or black. The majority of moles on skin are flat but raised moles are commonly seen.

Dr. Takhar has removed hundreds of moles and can remove moles of any size, shape, or colour!


Keloids are best understood as an abnormal and undesirable variations in the way a person’s body heals a wound, cut, or even surgical incision.