tattoo removal

Have a tattoo you regret? Whether it was artistic expression, cultural or spiritual recognition, love, or just because, we have all had strong compulsions to get “that” tattoo in the first place. Over time, our love affair with our ink may fade a lot faster than the artwork itself. So maybe it’s time to finally do something about it!

Dr. Takhar’s Cosmetic Clinic has state-of-the-art lasers, optimal for tattoo removal and skin revitalization!

How does it work?

With a tattoo, thousands of small pigments of ink are injected into your skin. The particles are too large to be removed through the body’s natural healing process, so they remain in the skin permanently. Laser tattoo removal uses a high-powered, short pulsed beam of light delivered at precise wavelengths to target ink particles and break them up into smaller particles. These tiny particles can then be gradually absorbed and removed through the body’s natural healing process. Over time, the tattoo will fade or disappear completely.

Can you remove any tattoo?

For the most part, yes we can remove all tattoos. Some size and colour variations may vary. Before getting a laser tattoo removal treatment, call our office for a complimentary consultation where we will tell you if we can help, and the amount of sessions you need.