MD Codes

The MD Codes ™ were developed by Dr. de Maio after over 20 years of clinical experience. The MD Codes™ are a system presented in a simple, straightforward and friendly way to guide the use of injectables in medical aesthetics.

The MD Codes ™ originated from the 8-point lift, which was a technique firstly introduced by Dr. de Maio in 2010. It was the first time that filler treatments were developed to strategically combine different injection sites to achieve direct and indirect effects by giving volume and structure to the face. The objective was to achieve a non-surgical facelift without scars and downtime.

Conceived in 2015, the MD Codes™ are a series of precise sites that were created to guide injections on the face. They consist of a variable number of injection sites divided into anatomical areas.

The MD Codes™ for the face are divided into 13 areas in which each code is depicted with a combination of:

The more quantity of MD Codes™ a specific area has, the more sophisticated the treatment is, such as in the lip region (The 8-point lip reshape). The more MD Codes™ in red colour an area has, the more expertise and training it is required to deliver the treatment such as in the tear-trough area (The 3-point tear trough reshape).

Jointly with the MD Codes™, Dr. de Maio also introduced the concept of the emotional attributes. Instead of treating just areas, Dr. de Maio asks the patients to identify what they are willing to achieve as a message of the face.

The emotional attributes have taught that resting faces often portray messages or emotions that don’t reflect how patients feel on the inside. The MD Codes™ and the MD Codes™ Formulas have provided the tools to help injectors to improve these emotional attributes and consequently the outcomes for their patients following the concept of Foundation-Contour-Refinement.