Lips. The focal point of our faces, our lips communicate thoughts, mood and personality. What are your lips saying about you? With media images perpetuating a worship of fullness, thin or undefined lips and asymmetry, a telltale sign of age, may not reflect the way you feel (or want to feel) on the inside.

Visible Effects

The size and shape of our natural lips is determined at birth and, as with all features, the volume and smoothness of the lips can diminish with age. Lip wrinkles and marionette lines are among these signs of lip aging.

Underlying Causes

While we cannot control our hereditary traits, there are lifestyle and environmental factors which effect the look of our lips as we age. Smoking can cause the formation of mouth wrinkles and vertical lip lines while damage from ultraviolet light degrades the collagen and elastin fibres that give lips their soft, supple fullness.


The skin of the lips is more delicate than the rest of the face and, therefore, requires careful attention and expertise to keep it looking its best.  We offer Botox, and lip enhancement or augmentation treatments with dermal fillers. These can help to restore natural symmetry, build subtle fullness and smooth lip and mouth lines. We also offer medical grade professional skincare and sun protection to maintain healthy lips. A professional consultation will establish a personalized treatment plan to enhance and improve the look of your lips. We invite you to schedule a professional consultation or treatment today.