Our face reveals a lot about us, due in part to our vast array of facial expressions. With time, some of these repeated facial movements can develop into deep wrinkles such as frown lines between the brows which can misrepresent us, making us appear tired, displeased or stressed when we feel otherwise.

Visible Effects

A furrowed or drooping brow resonates with fatigue or stress around the eyes that may not reflect how we feel on the inside. Likewise, unwanted eyebrow asymmetry may reflect an unfavourable aesthetic.

Underlying Causes

Accumulated time, repeated expressions, trauma, stress and lifestyle may all contribute to noticeable brow aging and changes. As supportive networks of collagen and elastin fibres lose resilience from the above factors, the brows may lose their youthful arch, deep wrinkles may set in and, in some cases, sagging eyelids may interfere with eyesight.


Depending on the unique condition of the brows and individual objectives, there are non-surgical solutions to address brow concerns. These include Botox (neuromodulator) and dermal filler treatments. By lifting the brows and relaxing lines and wrinkles, a more youthful and energized appearance is restored to the eyes, brow and forehead. We encourage you to schedule a professional consultation to determine an approach to best suit your needs and bring your brows back to bliss. Contact us today.