Hello, I am Dr. Deepa Takhar, Family Medicine with an interest in cosmetic procedures, owner and operator of Dr. Takhar’s Clinic. My clinic is located in Cambridge, Ontario and it is the oldest established Cosmetic Clinic in the Region. I have been practicing for over 25 years.

Whether you are looking to reduce those fine lines, remove unwanted hair or reach your ideal body weight, my staff and I are here to make your vision a reality. Everyone is entitled to turn the clock back a little to benefit from a bit of fine-tuning. My clinic is all about professionally enhancing your image.

With over 20 years of experience, I bring this insight to each client relationship and my goal is to blend the open relaxed environment of the clinic with well-trained and careful analysis. The result is always personalized care, focused on each of my patient’s needs, addressing the areas and features that are most important to them.

My background is in family medicine and I feel that this lends to my approach to treatment. I do a great deal of traveling to attend seminars and training events to enrich my skill, to connect with colleagues and to broaden the range of treatments that both myself and my staff are able to offer with the latest innovations in technique and technology. My staff are always updating their skill base by attending applicable courses and seminars whenever feasible. This industry is constantly advancing, updating and changing. Therefore, so must we.

I take the time to consult with each patient, carefully evaluating their unique needs and desires, offering a carefully formulated recommendation for treatment. Understanding the need for treatment plans is a very unique aspect of how the clinic operates. Everyone is different and we are not here to judge. That’s why we take the time to understand each patient and their motivations. Patients are often surprised to discover that we can help them achieve their dreams, subtly, over time, so there is no glaring shift. The results are reflected in patient attitudes; it’s invigorating, they walk taller and that makes us feel good about what we do here at the Cosmetic Clinic.

We are not interested in altering faces so that people look like someone else. We aim to help people look like themselves. Time is invested in getting to know each patient in order to help them decide how to proceed and how to maintain the look they desire. It’s important for patients to feel comfortable at every step. Treatments are tailored to offer each patient the best possible results based on their needs. Some treatments may consist of simply an adjustment to daily skin care using recent product advances, or a full range of advanced treatments offering a rejuvenated you through the latest technology.

Put your best face forward.