acne / blemishes

Does one blemish clear only for another to appear? While acne is a common skin disorder during adolescence, it can remain a common reality in adulthood as well. Frequent skin imperfections can cause significant emotional distress and lower self confidence at any age. At Dr. Takhar’s Clinic, we effectively manage active acne and subsequent scarring by integrating medical dermatology, aesthetic procedures and professional skincare to nurture clear and healthy skin.

Visible Effects

Acne is a skin disorder characterised by excess sebum (oil) production, comedones (blackheads and whiteheads ), pustules, papules, nodules and cysts. It commonly affects the back and chest of the body, the t-zone of the face and, with adults in particular, the chin, cheeks and jawline.

Underlying Causes

In adolescence, acne can occur due to a surge of hormones through puberty – specifically testosterone. Testosterone causes the skin’s sebum (oil) secretions to have a stickier quality. This leads to congested skin follicles as skin cells fail to shed away and become, essentially, stuck. Bacteria trapped within the follicle cause the appearance of acne. In adulthood, acne can be associated with excessive stress and hormonal fluctuations.


We provide a variety of acne and acne scarring solutions which include laser treatments, chemical peels, medical grade skincare and medication. Our main goal is to provide comfortable and safe treatments with the very best outcomes. Our team of healthcare professionals will work with you to customize a treatment plan for your specific needs and lifestyle. Clear and vibrant skin starts here. Contact Dr. Takhar’s Clinic today for a professional consultation or to book an appointment.