age spots

Lazy days spent soaking up the comforting rays of the sun yield a reserve of happy memories to access in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, this perfectly enjoyable pastime can lead to uneven skin tone in years to come.

Visible Effects

Have age spots snuck up on you? Brown spots, also known as age spots, start off as faint shadows or freckling and develop and multiply into darker lesions. As spots emerge and converge, a blotchy complexion results.

Underlying Causes

For those who did not grow up with an awareness of the importance of sun protection, age spots accumulate due to sun exposure, the majority of which occurred before the age of 18. Our skin produces melanin (pigment) as protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Through prolonged sun exposure, our skin sustains damage and the process of normal melanin production breaks down; brown spots begin to surface and cause us to appear older than we feel.


We offer safe and effective solutions to reduce the signs of sun damage from the skin. A laser is the most effective option. Other options include chemical peels and advanced skincare which can all be tailored to help address brown spots and sun damage. Beyond lightening and lifting age spots, these procedures provide other benefits to the skin such as improved skin texture, the stimulation of collagen production and refinement of pore size, leaving you with a more even, luminous and vibrant complexion. Our team of skin health professionals will work with you to design a treatment plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle. A series of treatments may be required for optimal results. Enjoying the outdoors is a healthy part of life and therefore, annual maintenance sessions may be recommended to protect and enhance your results. Schedule a professional consultation or treatment today to address age spots and reveal your best skin.