veins and vessels

The circulatory system is constantly at work moving blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout our body. It is hidden away beneath the skins surface until things go awry causing the unseen to become unsightly. Visible blood vessels, facial vessels and leg veins incite us to use concealers and to banish revealing hemlines. In addition to aesthetic concerns, enlarged leg veins can be painful.

Visible Effects

Leg veins can be purple, dark blue or green in hue and, when stressed, they are clearly visible beneath the skin. Telangiectasia, facial vessels and spider veins are tiny, reddish and thread-like and occur individually or in patches throughout the body but commonly on the face and upper legs.

Underlying Causes

The cause of visible blood vessels and leg veins stem from blood flow abnormalities. These dysfunctional vessels can become obvious following pregnancy when pressure from increased blood volume and circulating hormones weakens vein walls, and when activities or occupations that require sitting or standing for long periods put excess pressure against closed valves, causing them to fail.


A professional consultation at our centre for aesthetic dermatology and facial cosmetic surgery will establish a safe and effective course of treatment for undesirable veins and vessels. Improving and removing spider veins, leg veins is the Nd Yag laser. Telangiectasia, facial vessels and may involve the use of IPL Photorejuvenation or Nd Yag laser. Optimal results can achieve improved comfort and restored skin tone. We invite you to schedule a vein and vessel consultation or treatment today. Contact us for more information today.