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Eat every day foods. No hunger. No counting calories. No excessive excercise. Medically supervised.


Q. How does this program differ from other diets?
A. This is a medically supervised weight loss program that is proven to work. You will lose 3-5 pounds weekly whilst being constantly monitored by a physician to ensure that it is done safely.

Q. What does the program involve?
A. When you are enrolled in this program, you are required to follow a diet guide which is specifically formulated for your needs. You are asked to keep a diary of your food intake, take vitamins and attend the office three times a week for follow up.
Q. Do you have specific recipes that we can use?
A. We advise you on which ingredients are allowed and in how much quantity. You can then cook the food in whatever way you like. We do however provide recipes from time to time and are always happy to accept suggestions and ideas from patients.

Q. Will I have to have special blood work or other tests?
A. Prior to joining the program, you will be required to have a series of blood tests. Once you are on the program, you will have tests if required. The purpose of these tests is to review your thyroid status as well as your liver and kidney function. It enables us to fine tune the program for you.

Q. Will I be required to follow an exercise program?
A. We encourage moderate exercise and recommend a walking program. You will see a licensed professional (physiotherapist/ chiropractor) who will help you develop a safe effective routine. Alternatively, we can advise you on your own program.

Q. I have lost weight before, but gained it right back. How will it be different this time?
A. This diet is nutritionally balanced. It is not a starvation diet and you do not simply lose fluid or protein. You only lose excess fatty tissue which translates into pounds and inches. But you maintain your energy levels. This motivates you to make permanent lifestyle changes and hence keep those pounds off. At our office, we are committed to support you once you have lost those pounds. We want to help you make a permanent change this time.

Q. What are your hours of operation and will I have to wait long at each visit?
A. We are open 9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday. We prefer you to visit Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You will be asked to give us an approximate time of your visits, and will then be seen promptly. Currently, we are closed between 12 and 1.

Q. Is this program covered by OHIP?
A. The Physician consultation is covered by OHIP. However, commercial weight loss programs are not covered by OHIP. Some insurance companies do cover weight loss programs.

Q. I have private insurance through my work place. Will that cover its cost?
A. Some insurance plans will partially cover the cost of this program. We are happy to give you documentation to provide your insurance carrier. Also keep in mind that because this is a medical program, it is fully tax deductible.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cheques and cash.

Q. What does the program involve? Are there any special ‘herbs’ or ‘prepackaged’ meals?
A. No. The program is a sensible, practical and realistic diet plan. It involves diet counselling, vitamin injections, exercise and regular follow up. If you follow the program the results are guaranteed.

Q. What vitamins are injected and why?
A. The vitamins used are B6 and B12. Studies have shown that they have a multiple of benefits including appetite control, increased energy levels and general increased well being.

Q. I have followed other doctor’s weight loss programs in the past. Is this similar?
A. Medical weight loss programs are well recommended . They are similar to our program because physician supervised programs tend to be alike in that they are based on scientific proof and a generally accepted method of losing weight safely. The main difference is that due to lower expenses, we believe that we can be more cost effective, and also the fact that your family doctor is not penalised for your visit to us but is penalised if you attend some of the other programs.

Q. How can I get more information?
A. We offer a free no obligation initial consultation to discuss your needs. We do an assessment to see if you are a good candidate for the program. We are selective and will only enrol you if you meet our requirements and can follow the program accurately. However , once you are enrolled, we guarantee you success.

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