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Do you want to look less tired?

Do you see pictures of yourself and want to improve your look — without looking “done”? Our clients don’t want to look like one of the real housewives.

That is one of the key reasons why we use the most current technology of fillers and we get the most advanced training to give you a rested, youthful appearance.

We also use cannula method which is an advanced practice that greatly minimizes bruising and increases safety.

Research has shown that aging is a result of bone remodeling, collagen, and fat loss to the face. What this means is less volume to the mid face and lots of sagging.

With Vycross fillers, we can help lift the face with strategically placed small amounts of filler and help prevent further sagging. The 2 point lift restores a youthful bone structure to the cheeks in 2 major areas that helps restore a more rested look.

The 4 point lift involves restoring further volume to the cheeks as well as restoring lost volume to the chin. This restores a youthful heart-shaped appearance as well as giving a smoother, softer and sweetness back to your look.

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