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Tell Me More About Wrinkle Removing Injections

If you are interested in a wrinkle removing injection procedure or consultation, you’re likely already familiar with its history and benefits. But for those who feel even remotely skeptical about this action plan (a natural response to any kind of health, wellness, and cosmetic practice!) allow me to share some personal and professional insights into its overall safety, effectiveness, and aesthetic successes.

What to expect before your treatment:
During your consultation, I will discuss the potential risks and contraindications of your treatment, as well as gather a detailed history of any allergies and medications you may have. We want to ensure customized treatment and procedures for your specific needs. You will then be given a consent form to complete the preliminary portion of your procedure.

It is customary for us to take photographs of you smiling and squinting prior to your treatment. We’re big proponents of the traditional “before” and “after” approach, as it gives you undeniable evidence of your intended results. With outcomes that look so natural, it can be hard to believe there was work done in the first place!

In order to avoid bruising, it is advised that patients refrain from taking blood thinners (such as aspirin), alcohol, or Vitamin E for 2-3 days prior to treatment. It is also recommended that patients remove all makeup prior to treatment. While injections tend to be painless, my sister opts for ice or a light anesthetic cream prior to her procedures for added comfort and peace of mind. I am partial to either approach—so long as my patients are at ease and excited for their first step toward radiant and pleasing results!

What to expect during your treatment:
A typical treatment will range from 10 to 20 minutes. However, I have been known to chat! I love getting to know my patients and ensuring their comfort and relaxation. In fact, I happily consider myself part cosmetic doctor, part counselor, and part vault! Honestly, the things I’ve heard over the years!

Cost and after-care:
The average cost of a wrinkle removing injection treatment often ranges between $300-$700, though it varies patient to patient.

I seriously urge patients to follow my immediate post-treatment rules to ensure optimal results: make lots of facial movements for the first 30 minutes after your treatment (which should be no problem, as these movements created the lines in the first place!), do not lay down for 3-4 hours post-treatment, avoid make-up application for the first few hours, and avoid alcohol and aspirin for at least 24 hours.

I also encourage patients to examine their facial movements in the mirror over about 5 days post-treatment. For the first few days, changes will be hardly discernible, however by the 4th or 5th day, patients will notice that their lines have softened drastically, and sometimes even disappeared! Just like the before/after photos, it’s important to see first-hand evidence of the changes you desired (and paid for!). Your revitalized appearance will speak for itself, and soon enough you’ll be hooked!

The temporary effects of wrinkle remover injections are as much a blessing as they are a curse—if you’re unhappy with your treatment, or if wrinkle injections just aren’t for you, the changes aren’t permanent. But if you love what you see (as so many do!), it is certainly an inexpensive regime to maintain.

For the latter group, I have some good news: while the effects of treatments last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, effects tend to last longer and longer with each subsequent treatment. Thus, over time fewer treatments are required. Why is this? The muscles atrophy from not using them. Here we have one case where weakened muscles are actually appreciated! On the other hand, as certain muscles weaken, it can cause other opposing muscles to become stronger. This shift in balance may result in an upward pull on the eyebrow peak (known as ‘spocking’ in the cosmetic community—we can thank Star Trek’s Mr. Spock for that one!). An additional small treatment of wrinkle remover injections can correct this reflex. Some patients may develop a droopy eyelid as a mild repercussion of wrinkle remover injection treatments, though this is rare. In this case, we have drops that can be administered to counter this side effect.

Follow up:
I encourage my patients to return for a follow up visit two weeks after their treatment. I love to check in on their results and satisfaction, as well as tend to any facial muscle that has not quite relaxed (a simple unit or two would do the trick).

Overall, wrinkle removing injection treatments are not only great for cosmetic enhancement, but they can also serve to eliminate a variety of non-cosmetic issues such as eye twitches, migraine headaches, and excessive sweating. With its non-permanent effects, lack of invasion and distress on the body, and various physical and psychological benefits, wrinkle remover injection is an approachable and customizable treatment that proffers low stakes and high reward.