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No more yo-yo diets!

‎I understand it’s easy to gain weight. There is food everywhere. Most of our socializing involves food and alcohol and we are blessed to have access to so many goodies all the time. And its even worse at holiday season. Is there any holiday where there isn’t excessive eating? I doubt it. 

A lot of us try to shed those pounds quickly and we succeed only to gain them back even more quickly (guilty). Besides losing our morale, this constant gaining and losing is also very bad for the skin. Essentially when you gain weight, the skin stretches and when you lose the weight, it dosent quite spring back. So this leaves you with loose skin. This leaves the skin looking empty and haggard. 

Besides the loose skin, which by the way is worse on the face and upper arms, there are other considerations. The fact is we lose weight on the face first, breasts next and hips and thighs last. And when we gain it back, it comes back in the reverse order! So the one place we want to maintain fat (and our youthful appearance) is the face but that is the place it disappears first and comes back last. So this leads to sunken cheeks and increased nasolabial and marionette lines.

Hence you may be really pleased with your spectacular speedy weight loss but that may not necessarily make you look better. And yes, you can be too thin. Don’t listen to hollywood!

Hollow cheeks and transparent skin may look ok on a 19 year old supermodel but in older women it just makes you look weak and frail. It can actually make you look sickly. It’s quite natural and normal to gain 5lbs every decade. When I get 50 year old women wanting to go back to their weight from when they were 20, not only is it unrealistic, but it really does not look good.

I am not promoting obesity. Far from it, but I don’t think the anorexic look is going to be the the new ideal to aim for in the 30s and beyond so be reasonable in your weight loss efforts. Slow steady loss in recommended. In addition to losing weight, it is important to do exercises to tone the muscles to give an overall attractive appearance.

Remember ladies, the goal is to look youthful and look fantastic for “your” age, not to become a poor anorexic imitation of your former 20 year old self!



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