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Medical check ups!

The hormone changes at or around 50, are directly responsible for some rather alarming medical changes in the body. Some of these are obvious like the hot flashes, the irritability, the night sweats and the sleeplessness. But there are hidden illnesses lurking around too.
One of them is osteoporosis.thinning of the bones. People who have osteoporosis do not know they have it. Everything looks and feels the same on the outside. Till you have a fall. And then a break. The same fall that you would have just coped with when young with at most a bruised ego, now leads to broken bones.
Preventing osteoporosis is very important and one of the simplist things to do is to take calcium and vitamin D. In addition to this, after having bone density tests, medication can be prescribed that can be effective to stop further bone loss and even replace bone. Mild exrrcise also helps bone production. Hormones both synthetic and bio identical really do help in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
Another unfortunate fact in older years is the increased risk of breast cancer. I know it’s scary, but there is little point in putting your head in the sand. It is very important to get regular mammograms as breast cancer can be detected early and many treatments are available. 
Other ailments are not just limited to women. With age comes an increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. It is very important to see your family doctor and get a panel of bloodwork. Simple testing can reveal so much and you can take the right steps to maintain your inside health.
I also advise my patients to see a physiotherapist to have a fitness evaluation. This can help you develop a good exercise plan that can meet your specific needs. Fitness, good diet and good preventative health all go together. 
If we are going to look fabolous on the outside, we cannot be neglecting the inside! ‎