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I hate the lines from my nose to my lips!

Jenna was only 34 years old, but felt like she looked a lot older. Unlike her friends who complained about lines on their forehead or even the ones who still had acne….Jenna felt she shouldn’t have this problem yet. What was this problem? She had what we call nasolabial lines- they are the deep lines that run from the edges of the nostrils to the outer corners of the mouth.

She knew her Mom had these lines so a part of her thought she was just doomed. She had tried all sorts of creams and even some “facial exercises”….but nothing helped. That was when at a family get together, she realised that her cousin Susie looked a lot different than she had seen her previously. Being similar in age, and first cousins, Jenna and Susie had looked similar growing up….and ofcourse were a bit competitive.  Jenna wanted to ask but thought Susie wouldn’t tell her anyway.

Then luckily for Jenna, Susie was so thrilled with her face that she pulled Jenna aside and volunteered the information. She told an amazed Jenna that she had had a procedure called Volift. Volift is a Juvederm product, ie a filler but a new generation one. Every time a new filler comes out, it seems like it’s better, more natural and lasts longer than the previous one. Volift certainly did that! It’s a product designed to naturally soften these lines and can last upto a year.

So I heard Jenna’s story when she came along with Susie to see me. Even though Jenna doesn’t live. Locally, the fact that the treatment requires minimal maintenance meant she was comfortable having an out of town doctor.

Good ending- Jenna did very well. Two vials of Volift were used and her results were very natural and really helped her look her vibrant 34 year old self.

So if you don’t like the way you look, don’t assume it’s unfixable. Find a good doctor and get an opinion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.