Repair damaged and sunburned skin

Do you wear sunscreen? If you are like many people, who constantly step out of your house without applying any sunscreen, and your skin turns blazing red, there are a few easy things you can do. 1. Stay away from the sun: As soon as a sunburn becomes evident, get out of the sun. Some...
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5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Wear Sunscreen

You have probably heard it before, and will hear it again, you should always wear sunscreen. Whether it’s during the harsh and cold Canadian winter, or the hot and sunny summer. But we do know that there are an alarming amount of people who brave the UV rays of the sun without applying sunblock, or...
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Do you use sunscreen in the Winter?

No, we are not crazy. Sun protection is really just as important during the cold winter season as it is during the warmer months. You may feel cold outside, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the strength of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Although people tend to associate heat with sunburn, that is a...
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Dr. Takhar: Business Profile

Youth doesn’t have to be fleeting. Today’s cosmetic industry offers many options to combat aging. At Dr. Takhar’s Cosmetic Clinic, you will be in expert hands in a tranquil setting and friendly atmosphere. Family physician Dr. Deepa Takhar has been doing Cosmetic Medicine for over 10 years. Located in the Canamera Medical Centre, her clinic...
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