5 Awesome Beauty Benefits from Drinking Water

Need a little beauty boost? One thing you can do on your own is to go and grab a glass of water. We all know that water is important for our health—but many of us simply do not drink enough. Did you know it can help boost your beauty? It’s true. Drinking enough water each...
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Kortney graduates CoolSculpting University!

Our CoolSculpting fat freezing machine is getting busy and booked up with summer coming up! Congratulations to Kortney for graduating the CoolSculpting University! We are the only fat freezing clinic in Cambridge! For a complimentary consultation call 519-621-4545!

Dr. Takhar talks Lumps N’ Bumps

Dr. Takhar talks Lumps N’ Bumps! Many people develop small lumps and bumps on their face and body, and for many of those people, it really bothers them from a cosmetic perspective. Luckily, most are quick, easy and painless to remove. A doctor must remove them to ensure it’s not a dangerous mole. No referral...
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Podcast: Dr. Takhar talks Acne

Hello, I’m Dr. Takhar! Today I’m going to talk acne. Whether it’s a teenager struggling with confidence in high school or adults who are struggling with acne — we’ve got the right solutions! Want this Podcasts and future Podcasts to go straight to your iTunes / other favourite Podcast apps? Add to your feeds!

Podcast: Dr. Takhar talks Botox!

You asked. I’m answering! I get a wide range of questions from clients about services offered, frequently asked questions, and the best anti-aging tips! I will start posting Podcasts so keep asking me your questions! As always — I’m here to talk! Want this Podcasts and future Podcasts to go straight to your iTunes /...
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Belkyra Stories

ARTICLE FROM ALLERGAN: I am excited to share 2 recent blogger stories about BELKYRA®. Jillian Harris (co-host of Love It of List It Vancouver) and Leah Rumack from The Kit in Toronto have both been treated with BELKYRA® and have posted blog stories about it at the links below. I specifically like Jillian Harris’s blog...
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Do you want to look less tired?

Do you see pictures of yourself and want to improve your look — without looking “done”? Our clients don’t want to look like one of the real housewives. That is one of the key reasons why we use the most current technology of fillers and we get the most advanced training to give you a...
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Tell Me More About Wrinkle Removing Injections

If you are interested in a wrinkle removing injection procedure or consultation, you’re likely already familiar with its history and benefits. But for those who feel even remotely skeptical about this action plan (a natural response to any kind of health, wellness, and cosmetic practice!) allow me to share some personal and professional insights into...
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Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Most of you probably know what botox is and how it came about, and what it can do for you. In order to ensure it is most effective for you, it’s best to use certain precautions. First of all, before having any sort of injectable (or deep laser) it is advisable not to have any...
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Sleep – why it is so important

In the western world, we really do not value sleep. Actually many see it as a waste of time. They think an extra hour working would be more worthwhile. It is not. In many ways. Sleep used to occur much earlier when we had no electricity. So our forefathers went to sleep when the sun...
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