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Belkyra Stories


I am excited to share 2 recent blogger stories about BELKYRA®. Jillian Harris (co-host of Love It of List It Vancouver) and Leah Rumack from The Kit in Toronto have both been treated with BELKYRA® and have posted blog stories about it at the links below.

I specifically like Jillian Harris’s blog as it starts with a selfy photos of her and her mom, where Jillian does not appear to have a significant double chin from the front view.

This is fantastic support to the message I know you are all spreading around redefining who the ideal patient is for BELKYRA®.  As you know Allergan continues to build the lower face contouring/double chin market in Canada and these bloggers are another great example that the ground swell has started. Please feel free to share these posts with your patients.

Jillian Harris – How Mom and I Spent Mother’s Day:

The Kit – How to Get Rid of a Double Chin: We Test Belkyra/Kybella:

As an FYI – Both bloggers were treated as a result of partnerships with the individual clinics and Allergan was not involved in facilitating this in any way.